Where have all the Benches Gone?


For World Homeless Action Day, the Nashville Homeless Organizing Coalition went downtown in search of the park benches that used to provide places of rest for everyone.


Everyone deserves a safe place to rest in the downtown area, but 29 benches have been removed from the 3-block area surrounding the Downtown Public Library.


(13 benches are missing on Church Street from 5th to 7th Ave. and 16 are missing on Capitol Blvd from Church to Union.) This means that at least 58 people are no longer able to rest from their busy days.

Public Works is responsible for maintaining our sidewalks and benches. Please contact your council member or Rory Rowan who is over Sidewalk Inspection for Public Works at (615) 862-8782 or rory.rowan@nashville.gov. You can also call Public Works for general information at 862-8750. Raise your concerns. Ask them why so many benches have been removed. Ask them when they plan to replace the benches. Don’t settle for easy answers. Let’s make sure that everyone has a right to rest!