Rally by Richard Call (800x533 web)The Nashville Homeless Organizing Coalition is inviting the Tennessee Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and all Tennessee legislators to join us for an “urban plunge” to witness first hand some of the difficulties of living on the streets. We are still working out the details, but we will also include others on a space available basis. There is, of course, no way to give a full picture of the experience of life on the streets to people who can return the next day to regular life and the support circles of job, friends, and family that sustain them, but you can learn how much we who are housed take for granted and begin to appreciate the challenges of daily living  among our friends on the streets. Some likely activities:

• Find a legal place to sleep outdoors
• Sleep on a bench in a public place for 20 minutes or more
• Enter a restaurant and ask if they could sweep the sidewalk or do some other menial work in exchange for food
• Find a place to eat breakfast
• Ask for money (“panhandle”) in a place where they would be least-likely to be recognized
• Find a place where they can go to the bathroom when necessary…

If you are interested, please email admin@nashvillehomelessorganizing.com with information on how to contact you. More details appearing here soon.

The plunge begins Friday, March 21st.