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There is a resource booklet available from The Contributor, Where to Turn in Nashville, that will soon be available on the web. It is currently available in print form from The Contributor or from NHOC at the monthly meeting. Current info on emergency cold weather sheltering in Nashville is recorded at 615-800-0195 . Though not always in operation, during the most extreme cold, you can call the Cold Patrol at 615-255-2475 and the city will provide transportation to people needing to come inThe information below has been updated recently and includes emergency numbers, sources of medical care, shelter resources, and meals times and sites. Information may be subject to change. If you cannot find what you are looking for in these categories below, this pdf guide may help (call first, as a number of items are outdated). Where to Find Services

 • Choose a category from the drop down menu, type in the search box, or click on the letter if you know the name. Choose Food categories by day and meal.

 • Most items have an “hours and more info” link and a map link that appear when you click on them in the directory.

 • If you want to copy a link to your address book, or if you want to see when the link was last updated, click on the item’s title—but note, the map and “hours and info” are not available when looking at the item alone; return to the directory list view to consult the map or get more info. 

 • If you find errors or new resources, please send them to . 

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