One compassionate person can make a difference—if they try!

We are a grassroots coalition of homeless advocates and people who have been or are experiencing homelessness. We are working to end homelessness and address the root causes of poverty and oppression by educating ourselves and our community, by developing concrete campaigns and solutions, and by building power through relationships with our brothers and sisters on the streets and allies in the broader Nashville community. We fight for the human rights of all poor people while striving for the civil rights of those who remain on the streets. We believe that housing, healthcare, food security, the use of public facilities, and simply existing in public space are rights that everyone deserves.

The top three issues we focus on are (1) increasing people’s ability to access safe and affordable housing, (2) ending the criminalization of homelessness—the laws, ordinances, and policing policies that unfairly affect people who are un-housed, and (3) better educating and involving the faith community.

We meet downtown every month and its meetings are open to anyone who wants to join. We have a planning group that facilitates the meetings and we make decisions as a group. The planning group is a rotating group made up of 6-8 homeless and formerly homeless people and homeless advocates. Smaller working groups meeting throughout the month.

Other things to do: Help educate friends and neighbors about the problems and injustices affecting the homeless and the poor. Write to your newspaper, councilperson, mayor, governor, representative, senator, or president. Consider also volunteering with Open Table Nashville or one of the many of the other organizations working to help.

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