Help Bring the Benches Back!




Benches are vanishing from the downtown area! 29 benches have been removed by the Public Works Department in a 3 block area of downtown. 13 benches are missing on Church Street from 5th to 7th Ave and 16 are missing on Capitol Blvd. from Church to Union. We are mainly concerned that these benches were removed to keep economically disadvantaged individuals from resting in these places. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO REST and we need your help to get the benches back! Please join our letter writing campaign and make our voices heard. Print and send in the example letter or create your own! (Personal letters are the most effective, but if you are busy, the main thing is that they hear from us–all you need to do is to copy the linked letter and replace the dummy personal info with your own, and print it out and send it.) The information to call Public Works is also in the letter. Thank you for your help and support to restore every person’s right to rest. And check back for more coming soon!

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